Why migration? Why England?

England is one of the advanced countries located in Western Europe. This country, having one of the best healthcare systems, is a model for the healthcare systems of other countries. This country has a population of about 65 million people, which needs to strengthen its treatment and care infrastructure in the human resources sector due to the high number of middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, England has tried to attract international nurses who have been trained outside of England. Except for the countries on the WHO red list, where the number of nurses and doctors is less than the standard, the UK recruits medical staff from other countries. Fortunately, currently Iran is not on this list and nurses and other paramedics have the possibility to immigrate to England. This country has considered special immigration conditions for foreign workers and has accelerated and facilitated the immigration process through companies. There are simultaneous immigration requirements for family members and this process has made England one of the most popular immigration destinations. Considering facilities including free healthcare services for all family members, free education for family members up to college, the possibility of immigration before full registration and receiving salary upon arrival, it seems that the immigration process to England has significant advantages compared to other countries such as Germany, Denmark, Australia, America and Canada. Also, the duration of the process, especially for nurses and midwives, is much shorter than in other countries. England is one of the countries with a stable economy and this issue is one of the ideals for people working in the medical sector in Iran, in such a way that according to the amount of monthly income you will be able to see your economic outlook in the near or long term stabilized and plan based on it. After five years of working under a work visa, you will be able to apply for permanent residence for yourself and your family members at the same time. In addition, in the National Health System of England (NHS), there are career advancement opportunities for nurses, and in many cases, the employer will sponsor your education and career advancement. For a free consultation with Easy Apply Group, please click here to be contacted as soon as possible.

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Applicants need to submit various documents for registration with job organizations. One of them is the English language certificate, which varies depending on the job and the relevant organization. For nurses, midwives and paramedics, the level of English required by NMC can be proven through two tests. The IELTS test, which should be academic, has a score […]