Documents required for registration of treatment staff

Applicants need to submit various documents for registration with job organizations. One of them is the English language certificate, which varies depending on the job and the relevant organization. For nurses, midwives and paramedics, the level of English required by NMC can be proven through two tests. The IELTS test, which should be academic, has a score of Overall: 7.0 and all skills are 7.0 except Writing: 6.5. Another test is OET, which three skills must be B and Writing: C+ is also approved. Applicants can combine the results of the two tests to achieve the equivalent language score, but the two tests must not be more than six months apart or any score in any of the IELTS must not be less than 6.5 and in the OET must not be less than C+. For registration with NMC, an English language certificate is not required at the beginning of the process, and generally, after passing the theory test (CBT), it is necessary to provide a language certificate to the employer. In addition to the English language certificate, the profile of a registered doctor is required to provide a health certificate. Applicants do not need to receive a letter from the doctor and this process will be done online. Other required items are a certificate of no bad background and a valid passport. Also, applicants must be a member of the nursing system organization at the time of the registration process and receive a certificate of good standing from this organization.

For other fields that require registration with HCPC, the required courses are different. This organization examines each person’s case separately, and according to this, the duration of the process and the documents that must be attached will be unique to each person. But the English language level for this organization is for all fields except speech therapy IELTS Overall: 7.0 with skills above 6.5. Applicants for the field of speech therapy need to present IELTS Overall: 8.0 and H Scale 7.5. For registration with HCPC, unlike the NMC route, the language certificate is the first thing that must be provided. Other documents to complete this process include official translations of documents such as work records, educational certificates, letters from references, a certificate of no bad background and a letter of health certificate. Easy Apply Group is with you from the beginning to the end of the process to facilitate your immigration process to England. Click here for questions and free consultation.

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