Deciding and starting the immigration process is one of the fateful and at the same time stressful. Things like lack of knowledge about the immigration process, lack of knowledge about costs, individual and family variables, and taking multiple tests, including English, add to the stress of this process. By doing the entire immigration process (from zero to one hundred), Easy apply group significantly speeds up your immigration process and at the same time reduces the stress on you so that you can do other things with peace of mind, including studying and passing the English language test. In the rest of this article, we will talk about the immigration process.


The first step in this process is to find a trusted company or person to entrust your personal information and most importantly entrust your career destiny. By entering the link at the end of this article and entering the company registration number 13742902, you can confirm the authenticity of Easy Apply Group. After signing a contract with Easy apply group and receiving a copy of the contract, you can prepare for nursing theory exams with peace of mind. Easy apply group accompanies you in your studies for this exam and introduces the most suitable material for study and test.


After passing the nursing theory exam (CBT) and having an English language certificate in hand, Easy apply group starts booking interviews with reputable English companies for job offers. If the applicant wishes to sign the contract, after consultation and necessary preparations for the interview, the applicant will be introduced to the employer and after reading the employment contract, he will personally sign the contract. In the last stage, Easy apply group completes the documents and issues related to obtaining a visa by providing the necessary guidance to the applicant. After scheduling the biometric appointment and delivering the documents to the embassy, the applicant will be informed about the frequently asked questions of the embassy interview by consulting with Easy apply group, and after getting prepared, he will go to the embassy.


Link to verify the authenticity of the company: