Iranians need a visa to enter the UK. Various visas are available according to the conditions and immigration goals of the applicants. Among these visas are study and work visas. Paramedics can apply for a visa either to continue their studies or to work. In the process of obtaining a study visa, it is very important to pay attention to the desired field and orientation, as well as the usability of a master’s degree or doctorate after graduation. Explanation that in order to register after graduation, the field and university where the applicant studied must be on the list approved by the professional organization (for example, the nursing system) of England, and otherwise studying in that field will not lead to the registry. With Easy apply group, you can confidently choose the field approved by the relevant organizations.


On the other hand, the work visa has advantages compared to the study visa for those working in the treatment and health sector, such as being cheaper, receiving salaries, a shorter period (5 years) to obtain permanent residence, access to various types of loans (including housing loans) and higher bank credit. Among the services available for work visa applicants is the possibility of receiving a relocation package from the English employer. In this way, employers usually pay the costs of visa, flight and health insurance for the applicant. Some employers consider housing and some cash as a welcome package. The important thing is to pay attention to the terms of your contract with the employer so that you do not sign any clauses or provisions unintentionally.


Unfortunately, in recent years, people rely on the advice of non-specialists to obtain visas and due to not complying with the necessary points in the preparation of documents or the way of ordering their documents, they are not approved by the embassy. Unfortunately, visa rejection in England due to the link of the so-called eagle eye countries (United States of America, England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada) can have a significant negative impact on the visa process of other countries as well.