Easy Apply Group

Easy apply group LTD with company registration number 13742902 was established in England with the aim of providing immigration advice and facilitating the immigration process of paramedics to the UK. In addition to conducting job immigration, this company also accepts graduate and doctoral students. The head office of the company located in England is at the following address:

No 9 Parkrise, 73 Seymour Grove, Manchester M160UB

To inquire about the authenticity of the company, click the link below and enter the company’s registration number.

Special services: Visa

Iranians need a visa to enter the UK. Various visas are available according to the conditions and immigration goals of the applicants. Among these visas are study and work visas. Paramedics can apply for a visa either to continue their studies or to work. In the process of obtaining a study visa, it is very important to pay attention to the desired field and orientation, as well as the usability of a master’s degree or doctorate after graduation. Explanation that in order to complete the registration after graduation, the field and university where the applicant studied must be on the list approved by the professional organization (for example, the nursing system) of England, and otherwise studying in that field will not lead to the registry.

Special services: Job offer

Job offer refers to a job offer to a foreign employee. In all countries, employers are required to offer jobs to foreigners after advertising a job position for a certain period of time, and if no suitable local person volunteers for that job. In England, only companies that are on the list of companies approved by the British government can sponsor international labor visas. The terms of each employer’s employment contract are different from others, and therefore, paramedics are advised to always have sufficient knowledge of the terms of the contract they sign.